Common question | Catcafe "NEKOYA (cat) Kawagoe store" Kawagoe-shi, Saitama

Catcafe NEKOYA (cat) Kawagoe store
2-2-3, Shintomicho, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama
Baron building 2F
※At Clare mall mall,
1F is docomo shop Honkawagoe station square store.
TEL 049-299-5958
mail@nekoyacafe .com

From 11:00 to 20:00

There is not regular holiday
On account of the cat suddenly
We may take a rest

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Job Opportunities
Recruitment of part parttimers
We accept at any time
In e-mail address following as for the details
Please refer
mail@nekoyacafe .com

It is contents having you ask a question in NEKOYA well.
Any questions, please ask a question to the staff casually.

■Is reservation necessary?
■Is even one all right?
■Can child enter?
■In the case of entering a shop, may you be careful?
■Can you hold cat in your arm?
■Can you smoke?
■Can you enter with wheelchair?
■Can you take a picture?
■Can we eat?
■Which time can you enjoy?
■As we try for the first time, it is uneasy

Is reservation necessary?
It is not necessary.
Unless as there is not what's called decided seat, it is crowded very much
You can enter.
Is even one all right?
A lot of one where is come to alone comes to both man and woman.
We play with cat and read comic and do note on the Internet and
In this, slow time is spent.
Can child enter?
I'm sorry, but entering a shop of one less than junior high student
I decline.
Even if there is companion of protector, it is the same.
In the case of entering a shop, may you be careful?
When it is drunk, we cannot enter
jikomi of silvervine declines in other customers coming to trouble.
When, without by carry-on, we attach to body and clothing by some kind of circumstances
We may have you withdraw.
Pregnant person, please come to the store after confirmation to doctor.
Can you hold cat in your arm?
I'm very sorry, but we cannot hold in our arm.
In habit of cat, we are weak in hug to lose physical freedom.
When stretch out leg, and comics are reading, cat of spoilt child
We may get on on the knee.
Can you smoke?
Entirely non-smoking.
I'm sorry.

But go out on the way if you can convey so
We can have you smoke.
Can you enter with wheelchair?
If it is caregiver companion, we can enter in Omiya store.
There is sometimes visit with wheelchair, but is quite popular with cats.
※There is step approximately 20cm in the first floor of the building entrance. Excuse me, but please note.
Can you take a picture?
Please photograph cats.
With preventing flash from shining,
Shooting is free if you can consider so that other customers and person staff do not come out.

So that when we use for blog and SNS, it turns out that it is cat of NEKOYA
We are glad when you can do.

In the case of commercial use including commodification, please consult.
Can we eat?
Menu of so-called cafe does not prepare for meals.
Think about customer, security of both cats
Eating and drinking in shop become only plastic bottle drink which can account for cover.
jikomi of food and drink for cat for person cannot share.
Which time can you enjoy?
When want to play with cat, from opening time during 2-3 hours
We are fine 2-3 hours of closing time ago.

When want to pat cat in a relaxed mood, other time
As we try for the first time, it is uneasy
We show cat with pleasure if you can say so to the staff.
Please call out casually!
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