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Catcafe NEKOYA (cat) Kawagoe store
2-2-3, Shintomicho, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama
Baron building 2F
※At Clare mall mall,
1F is docomo shop Honkawagoe station square store.
TEL 049-299-5958
mail@nekoyacafe .com

From 11:00 to 20:00

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We may take a rest

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It is introduction of cat which is in NEKOYA Kawagoe store♪
Zero  The name Ray Nekoya
Phonetic symbol Nekoya Rei
Kind Maine coon
Birthday February 22, 2008
Sex Girl
Comment Beauty of wearing men's clothes. It is full of confidence perfectly proportioned figure beautiful woman, but own athletic capability cannot recover itself for a while when we sometimes fall in front of gallery.

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It is the best at night  The name Yoruichi Nekoya
Phonetic symbol Nekoya Yoruichi
Kind Scottish Fold
Birthday March 10, 2008
Sex Boy
Comment Do black body which is clear-cut and fearless, but ear falls down with pettan; and pretty guy of round face. We like relaxing carrying foot on knee of Homo sapiens.

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Eight soldiers of the Imperial Guard  The name Hachibe Nekoya
Phonetic symbol Nekoya Hatibei
Kind Scottish Fold
Birthday April 4, 2008
Sex Boy
Comment We are quiet and are COEUR, quiet character, but are what good at catch

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Bell woman  The name Suzume Nekoya
Phonetic symbol Nekoya Suzume
Kind Japanese Bobtale
Birthday April 17, 2008
Sex Girl
Comment Japanese-style beautiful woman of pretty key tail. We are made to be surprised at amorous look. Sexy

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Chestnut  The name Kuri Nekoya
Phonetic symbol Nekoya Kuri
Kind Scottish Fold
Birthday October 30, 2008
Sex Girl
Comment We put chestnut on forehead of round face. There are time of father-like face and gesture and time of pretty girl, and GAP gets excited too much.

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Mandarin orange  The name Mikan Nekoya
Phonetic symbol Nekoya mikan
Kind Munchkin
Birthday November 1, 2008
Sex Girl
Comment Eyes which are full of cute gesture and curiosity. Girl of man groper was brought up as expected.

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Bear Goro  The name Kumagoro Nekoya
Phonetic symbol Nekoya Kumagoro
Kind Mixture
Birthday March 12, 2011
Sex Boy
Comment In gluttons, it is king of snacks time. We get and gain weight just carelessly as it is good. Please let me exercise!

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Brahman is flat  The name Bonpey Nekoya
Phonetic symbol Nekoya Bonpey
Kind Bombay
Birthday March 17, 2012
Sex Boy
Comment Eyes which are yellow to body of jet black. It is going to become black leopard if it becomes big. Carry out a lot of activities!

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mushiro々  The name Nene Nekoya
Phonetic symbol Nekoya Nene
Kind Munchkin
Birthday March 31, 2012
Sex Girl
Comment It is girl of man groper in the mofumofu color of a tortoise shell. Mop which runs which is active in playfulness! Thus, NEKOYA is always shiny?

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Five gate-guard offices  The name Goemon Nekoya
Phonetic symbol Nekoya Goemon
Kind Persia
Birthday April 3, 2012
Sex Boy
Comment Nature character who came over! We are naughty and do not know what you are thinking about (one or ... which we are not thinking about?) However, it is wonderful.

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Source three  The name Genzo Nekoya
Phonetic symbol Nekoya Genzou
Kind Exotic short hair
Birthday August 29, 2012
Sex Boy
Comment Huge face passes plane and has already caved in. Heal Homo sapiens just to be sleeping, but is shibu ..., and expression is like stubborn craftsman; ... Carpenter is source! It is with cat tower product early.

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shoho  The name Kobo Nekoya
Phonetic symbol Nekoya kobo
Kind Lamb Kyn (Selkirk Rex X Munchkin)
Birthday February 28, 2013
Sex Boy
Comment Toddle with short foot, boy of curl is totally like lamb sizzlingly.
It is origin itself of cat species called lamb Kyn.
But is it zuramukin ... as kobo puts Allee on head?

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kamaiki  The name Kabuki Nekoya
Phonetic symbol Nekoya Kabuki
Kind Himalayan
Birthday January 12, 2014
Sex Boy
Comment Rolling maarui body has short tail. It be to excellent Kabuki actor whom song can dance according to name in connection with design of face!

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shoho  The name NEKOYA Anjelica
Phonetic symbol nekoyaanji
Kind Cornish Rex
Birthday July 16, 2009
Sex Girl
Comment Foreign student character who stays with NEKOYA. Is slim ...; ear big in face and clear pure eyes. Girl of very rare Cornish Rex is spoilt child in people sensitive to cold. We hibernate between knees of customer on cold day♪

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