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It is introduction of cat which is in NEKOYA Omiya store♪
tenta  The name nekokatenta
Phonetic symbol nekoyatenta
Kind Bengal
Birthday March 6, 2004
Sex Boy
Comment Size that firm body is out of standard in meatiness in Bengal! He/she heals with very tasteful expression when we pat forehead quietly when we are sleeping.

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Nana  The name NEKOYA Nana
Phonetic symbol nekoyanana
Kind American curl
Birthday January 31, 2008
October 11, 2014 eternal rest
Sex Girl
Comment Great actress who has died suddenly. It was older sister who had a gentle everybody. He/she is watching everybody kindly now from heaven.

Record of achievement of Nana
Ginji  The name NEKOYA Ginji
Phonetic symbol nekoyaginji
Kind Munchkin
Birthday February 9, 2008
Sex Boy
Comment Obvious super star. Great performance power! I mean we are doing what in natural jokers and are ridiculous.

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Biu  The name NEKOYA Biu
Phonetic symbol nekoyamiu
Kind Russian Blue cat X American curl
Birthday February 29, 2008
Sex Girl
Comment Is thin; and small girl. We do not ask for snacks from oneself with modest character. Back figure is like stylish illustration; ...

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Small iron  The name NEKOYA small iron
Phonetic symbol nekoyakotetsu
Kind Munchkin
Birthday March 11, 2008
Sex Boy
Comment Honor student, kotchan of early to bed and early to rise. We play hard while everybody is sleeping. It is calm good child, but is angry when we touch anything other than forehead.

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Kintaro  The name NEKOYA Kintaro
Phonetic symbol Cat and Kintaro
Kind Munchkin
Birthday March 27, 2008
Sex Boy
Comment Everlasting baby. Pickpocket pickpocket goes with short leg to behave like a baby to other cats, but it is harsh and grows timid.

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Kankuro  The name NEKOYA Kankuro
Phonetic symbol Cat kettle trouble
Kind mimiritsu sukotisshuforudo
Birthday April 6, 2008
Sex Boy
Comment Kabuki actor who makes beholder come near in strong eyes jikara. Stubbly beard of chin is nihilistic, but we beat and walk with crotch cutely.

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Utamaru  The name NEKOYA Utamaru
Phonetic symbol nekoyautamaru
Kind Japanese Bobtale
Birthday April 8, 2008
December 24, 2016 eternal rest
Sex Boy
Comment While it was regretted, this great actor that it was full of expressions, and consideration was deep left young. It was life loved from both person and cat.

Record of achievement of Utamaru
Joji  The name NEKOYA Joji
Phonetic symbol Cat and Joji
Kind Legendary man with long legs man groper
Birthday May 29, 2008
Sex Boy
Comment Feeling to be good-looking guy who had blue eyes, but not to be refined where it is is ... Is big body of mofumofu, "I Joji! Country mondaa ~."

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Interrupting  The name NEKOYA interrupting
Phonetic symbol nekoyachacha
Kind Scottish Fold
Birthday August 25, 2008
Sex Girl
Comment Princess that we are born who wore the beautiful, vivid color of a tortoise shell. Behavior notices.

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Sasuke  The name NEKOYA Sasuke
Phonetic symbol nekoyasasuke
Kind mimiritsu sukotisshuforudo
Birthday April 28, 2009
Sex Boy
Comment Light movements and jump power! Should have become cool ninja; ... Already get fat regardless of origin of the name; and true; do.

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nobori  The name nekokanobori
Phonetic symbol Cat rise
Kind Exotic short hair
Birthday October 24, 2009
Sex Boy
Comment It is grandfather character in still young one. nobo grandfather is idol of all. Be careful about grandfather, excessive drinking!

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John Manjiro  The name NEKOYA John Manjiro
Phonetic symbol nekoyajommanjirou
Kind Cell Kirk Rex
Birthday August 21, 2010
March 9, 2012 eternal rest
Sex Boy
Comment Great actor who has died young.
We stare at us from heaven.

Record of achievement of John Manjiro
Doctor  The name NEKOYA doctor
Phonetic symbol Lend cat
Kind Himalayan
Birthday February 22, 2012
Sex Boy
Comment You always look hard to please, and are you only absentminded whether you are lost in meditation? Mysterious desunee, ...

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kyokai  The name nekokakyokai
Phonetic symbol Cat and Kyosuke
Kind Scottish Fold
Birthday April 13, 2012
Sex Boy
Comment Keenly cool cool good-looking guy who had slit eyes. Scatter-brain who is daily occurrence hitting omoi breath and head in this, and missing the footing with foot from high place.

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Chrysanthemum one character  The name NEKOYA chrysanthemum one character
Phonetic symbol nekoyakikuichimonji
Kind Norwegian Jean Forest cat
Birthday November 8, 2012
Sex Boy
Comment Spoilt child who is full of curiosity, and is naughty. Is conscious of cute pose even at the time of break; ... As you always run around in shop, do you become guard of forest of NEKOYA if it becomes big?

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Formidable man  The name NEKOYA formidable man
Phonetic symbol Cat and Benkei
Kind Persia
Birthday March 2, 2013
Sex Boy
Comment Mind is gentle; and strong person.
We wear black-and-white clothes in the body,
Size since baby out of the standard!
Please become daring Han like Benkei Musashibo.

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Quail  The name NEKOYA quail
Phonetic symbol Cat and quail
Kind Cell Kirk Rex
Birthday March 4, 2013
Sex Girl
Comment Round and round Chilean Chilean cover hair
It looks just like baby of quail!
Do you get on to yolk on the head when you see well?
It is small, pretty girl.

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sho*  The name nekokasho*
Phonetic symbol Cat do not learn lesson
Kind Devon Rex
Birthday August 21, 2013
Sex Girl
Comment With big ear which seems to give hami from small face
Soft cover hair which curled like ripples.
It is girl of very rare Devon Rex.
By all odds only to alien who came over from space….

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