System | Catcafe "NEKOYA" (cat) Omiya, Saitama-shi, Saitama store

Catcafe NEKOYA (cat)
2-11, Daimoncho, Omiya-ku, Saitama-shi
Prosper one building 5F
TEL 048-644-0660
mail@nekoyacafe .com

From 11:00 to 22:00 <last reception desk 21:00>

There is not regular holiday
On account of the cat suddenly
We may take a rest

●Portable site is this place
Portable site QR cord
Job Opportunities
Recruitment of part parttimers
We accept at any time
In e-mail address following as for the details
Please refer
mail@nekoyacafe .com

■ Business hours
From 11:00 to 22:00 <last reception desk 21:00>

■ Rate    Time rate system (deferred payment) tax-included price

First one hour1,000 yen
Together with extension 15 minutes200 yen
Long class schedule [three hours]2,000 yen
Upper limit amount of moneyWeekdays 2,500 yen
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 3,500 yen

*We do not exceed upper limit amount of money even if we stay how many hours.
*We can go out on the way.

One drink150 yen

*We prepare closing plastic bottle drink of cover in consideration for security of customer and cat.

■ Thing which is jikomikano
Only in the case of new article, carry-on of toys of cat supports
Please note that the staff checks at the time of entering a shop

■ Thing which is jikomifuka
As for the carry-on of food and drink, as for the human being use, cat use is prohibition, too

■ Photography
Camera shooting (we include cell-phone), blog and publication to site are free
Please refrain from use of flash

■ We set a limit to entering a shop
I decline entering a shop of one less than junior high student
Drunk one cannot enter

■ Guidance of use of reservations
Omiya store, Kawagoe store heard reservation of the closed-door use together.
As for off-line meeting, joint party, action for marriage event, camera shooting society, the shooting for coverage,
It is available in various uses.

[indication of rate] Personal state, company together
        10,000 yen (Saturday and Sunday, shukunichiosodan) per weekdays one hour
[number of people] To up to around 30 people

NEKOYA does every possible cooperation to use.
Please feel free to contact.

● Important matter ●

*The shop is complete non-smoking
*Please stop making noise aloud
*In shop, please act slowly
*We cannot hold cat in our arm.
 In addition, we wake up sleeping cat forcibly,
 We turn follow-up to drag cat hiding in BOX forcibly
 Please certainly stop act that cat hates
*Please decide whether allergy to animal enters by judgment of self
 When allergy becomes clear after the entering a shop, we do not take responsibility in our restaurant
*For emergency, cat of our restaurant body, clothes of customer,
 When they damage accessories, our store does not take responsibility
 But as we take an emergency measure when he/she has injury
 Please call out to the staff (please sterilize even small wound by all means)

※ Person who does not obey instructions of this important matter and staff as things mentioned above
  Please leave the room

As you know, cat is serious whimsical animal of discipline.
Therefore we may give customer the damage and nuisance,
Only one where smile can permit it, please enter a room.

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